Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Post three:Tennessee Ordeal

Aug. 5th. 2010
Dear Brother's Keeper,
I left off last week, saying I would speak on what happen to me while I was incarcerated down in Whiteville, Tn. In 1998 Wisconsin was experiencing an over crowded prison system. So Wisconsin began sending many of the inmates to Tennessee and other private prison's own and operated by (C.C.A.) Correctional corp. of America. Arriving there it was a place unlike anyplace we as inmates and convicts could ever hope for. It was ran so different from how the Wisconsin prison's were being ran. For one, it was ran by 85% black guards, something that Wisconsin lack totally. Out of the 21 years I've been locked up I can say that I've only seen maybe five black correctional officers in the Wisconsin prison systems. So being a black male when we seen all the black men and women with guard uniforms on it was a sight for sore eyes. Within two or three days of being at the hardermen correctional institution, many of the black inmate were having sex with the black female guard, many in the age of around 19 to 35 years of age, many with family waiting on them to get off work and come home. Some of the female guards had 2 and 3 inmates they were having sex with everyday. You had female health care worker saling head-jobs and straight sex to the inmates that could produce money, which wasn't too hard to do. There were a lot of guards male and females bringing pounds and pounds of weed into the institution to give and sale to the inmates. You had cocaine and crack in there as if it was the streets. The white inmates hated it down there, because for their first time they felt what it was like to have guards discriminate against them like the white guards in Wisconsin discriminat against the black inmats. Many of the snitches found themselves getting a beat down by people they may of told on at one time or another. The gangs ran the prison from the very first day of arriving there. Many of the guards were also gang members. The Wisconsin inmates were there at the Hardermen facility right along with the Tennessee inmates and the Indiana inmates, which cause for some pretty crazy times.

While in that environment you either was a G.D. (Gangster Disciple) or V.L. (Vicelord). I happen to be in the first group mentioned. I would say more out of necessity. Like I said you had to be with someone, or at any minute your property could be taken or even worst, you could be the subject of a major ass kick'en.
The newtrons treaded on thin ice there. (Newtron)- A person not with any of the gangs.
Then you had the whites that tried to put together a weak showing of unity by claiming to be A.N. (Aryan Nation).. But when you have roughly 200 G.D.'s and about 120 V.L.'s a group of about 30 A.N.'s just don't match up so they kept to themself and real quiet.
After six months at Hardermen, all the Wisconsin inmates was told that we would be moving over to Whiteville Corr. Inst. which was a half of mile away and it would house only Wisconsin inmates. Upon arriving there it was real nice to not have to deal with the Tn. and Indiana inmates anymore. Everything was running real smooth there for about two months, then some G.D.'s was out at recreation one day and the guard had been at that point giving us a hard time. While in the rec building, about 7 or 8 G.D.'S cornered a new white male guard who never done anything to anyone, and they began to beat him, one of the inmate named Big G. grabbed a weight bar and hit the guard in the head. They left the guard laying in his pool of blood and left the rec yard. Once the guard was found by staff the whole prison went on lockdown. Internal affairs and the police got involed, and they began talking to each and every inmate. Everyone stayed locked in their cell for three days, and that's when they began wearing riot gear and having the shields. They began getting G.D.'s and taking them to the hole. Over the next three days at lease 50 people was walked to the hole in just their underwear and I was one of them. I wasn't out there, so I really didn't know what had happen until we all was in the hole and we was talking to one another out the trap door in our cell door. That's when I learned the whole story. But what I didn't know was that my name was being put in the story that happened to the guard, as the one who hit him with the weight bar, and I wasn't even out there. What happen was, my nickname was being confused with this other inmate. My nickname is Bingo, and the dude that hit him with the bar was Big G. So what happen was two weeks later, the Warden had some real life K.K.K. sort team members come into the institution and act like they wanted to search the cell I was in. They strip search me and handcuffed my hands behind my back and put cuff on my ankles. Once the door was opened they ran in on me and began beating me and stunning me with stun guns and stunsheild, and hitting me with billy clubs and kicking me all in my face, ribs, back and private parts they slammed my face into the wall knocking out all my front teeth and they did all this while 50 inmate, the warden, asst. warden and the chief of security all watched, then they drug me back to the cell after urinating all over my property and threw me back into the cell and went and beat someone else. They then came back to my cell and two of them came into my cell and beat me some more and then they held me down and rammed a shampoo bottle up my rectum, and they knocked me out and left me in the middle of the cell with a bottle up my rectum where the nurse came and found me. They didn't give me any kind of medical help at all. I suffered broken ribs of which I had to wrap sheets around them. A black guard brought a phone to me and told me to call my family about two weeks later. My bother and friend Vicki began calling every body they could, represent¬atives of Wisconsin Gwendlyn Moore Spencer cogg and scott walker made a trip down to whiteville to see me personally after Wise sent a prob team down, but they was helping C.C.A. cover up what they did to me. Rep. Moore, Coggs and Walker came back and told the truth about what they did to me. The I got Attorneys and they got the F.B.I involved and the truth came out the warden asst warder and chief of security was arrested and walked out the prison in handcuffs. None of the sort team members was ever charged with anything. I found out that the warden was given another warden job in florida. Well, after finding out that it wasn't me that did that to the guard, they found out who the 8 inmates were and all 8 went on trial for attempted murder and all 8 was found not guilty. Just for the record. If feel what they did to that guard was 100% wrong and if I would have been there I would have done everything in my power to have stop it even before it happen. From that day foreward, I have not been a part of any gang. After finding out it wasn't me Wisconsin had C.C.A. keep me locked up in the hole on administrated confinement for 3 years, all because they didn't want me back in Wisconsin while the story was so fresh. Although I was able to sue C.C.A., Wisconsin got off scott free. After paying my child support and helping my family, I was left with nothing to hire an attorney with. I would never talk bad about my family, but if I had the chance to do over, I would hire an attorney first before helping anyone, That was a lesson I learned. Help yourself first. In the words of Forest Gump. "That's all I have to say about that." I remain.
May God Bless those that read this.

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